A staircase is more than a way of getting from one floor to the next. Standing in the heart of your home, the look and feel of your staircase has a huge impact on its overall design.

A modern glass and metal staircase has a completely different vibe to a cosy, rustic wooden one. Each style has its unique charm and adds its own character, so it’s important to choose one that suits your existing space.

Below, we’ve listed five of our favourite staircases that we’ve designed in the past. Browse through to get inspired for your next home upgrade!

1. Glass Balusters With Chandelier Centrepiece

Nothing exudes modernity quite like glass. The clear, glossy sheen of glass balusters gives any staircase a sharper look while creating the illusion of more space. It also allows in more light than timber or metal balusters, preventing the claustrophobic shadows some staircases fall victim to.

The owner of this staircase chose to pair their open-newel staircase with a glass chandelier, giving the classic look a contemporary twist.

2. Wooden Open Riser Stairs

Open riser staircases have a minimalist and modern appearance that suits a wide range of architectural styles. Contrary to popular belief, they can be just as safe as traditional closed riser stairs when they’re designed and installed properly.

Much like glass, open risers allow more natural light to pass through. This can help brighten up a shaded space and make it feel more welcoming.

This staircase was designed with a light-coloured beech tread and a painted riser, creating an bold, eye-catching contrast. Glass balustrades added to the contemporary look, while timber handrails gave it a warmer and more homey look.

3. Patterned Carpet Staircase

Patterned carpets sometimes get a bad rep, but with the right placement and design, they can give your staircase an appearance that’s warm, modern, and appealing to look at.

Using a grey striped carpet perfectly matched the decor of the surrounding area. The result was a visually captivating addition to the room that provided just the right amount of interest without overwhelming the space with bright or gaudy colours.

4. LED Lighting Under Stair Treads

Integrated staircase lighting is becoming more and more popular, and for good reasons! It not only enhances the safety of the stairs by providing visibility during both day and night, but it also gives the staircase a stunningly modern appearance. Visitors are sure to be impressed by the added touch of elegance it brings to your home.

For this staircase, the customer wanted to avoid the cold, industrial look that some LED lights can create. It was decided to incorporate warm yellow lighting. This not only provided ample illumination, but also created a cosy and inviting ambience that complements the overall design of the space.

5. Wooden Staircase With Metal Spindles

Going beyond its traditional use in warehouses and industrial plants, a strategic placement of metal can help elevate your home's staircase design. With its unique versatility, metal can infuse a touch of sophistication into practically any modern space.

In this project, we combined rounded metal spindles with timber stairs and handrails. The metal gave the staircase an impressively sleek look, while the timber balanced the coolness of the metal and created a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Even better? Metal can be worked into intricate designs that are hard to achieve with wood, offering you endless creative options to express your personal style.


Talk to the Bespoke Staircase Design Experts

Looking for a show-stopping staircase that will leave a lasting impression? You’re in the right place.

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