Why Choose a Timber Stairgate?

Stairgates will allow you to keep your little one safe or to separate the house and prevent little ones or pets from getting into certain rooms in a stylish and aesthetically appealing way. The versatility of the material allows us to create a custom stairgate that can perfectly match the existing wood in your house, creating a seamless feel throughout your home.

Wooden stairgates installed by our team will benefit from:

  1. Premium materials
  2. Elegant designs to fit your home style
  3. Quick installation
  4. Durability so they will be long-lasting

What Types of Timber Stairgates Can We Design and Install?

We design, construct and install bespoke wooden stairgates so the design can be flexible to suit the look and style of your home.

With Glass

If you have used glass in your staircase, we can reflect the design and glass usage in the stairgate. Using the same wood as the staircase to create the frame, we can add glass panels with a timber upright in the middle, creating a sleek gate that mirrors your staircase.

Without Glass

This type of wooden stairgate simply uses the same wood as the staircase for the frame, as well as for the poles in the middle. This is a simpler look that is easy to maintain. Alternatively, we can design and manufacture a stairgate using metal infill spindles, this may be to match the existing stair spindles or to provide a contrast to the existing balustrading.

Get a Quote

Ensure your home is safe without compromising on style with a timber stairgate!

Whether you are looking to add to an existing staircase or would like to add one to a staircase we are already designing, we can work with you to craft a stairgate that will fit seamlessly with your staircase and the interior design of your home.

Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01202 622826. We are always happy to discuss what you might be looking for and how we are able to produce a bespoke stairgate for your needs.


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