It's no secret: property renovations are expensive. As much as we'd love to go all out in transforming our homes into multi-million pound palaces, it's simply not an option for most people's budgets. It's why so many homeowners are tempted to invest in a mass-produced staircase instead of a bespoke one.

Unfortunately, this can end up backfiring. Aside from actually costing you more on occasion, ready-made staircase 'kits' can turn out to be a lot more trouble than they're worth.

So, what makes bespoke staircases better? There are a few different reasons, but we've covered the main five below.

1. A perfect fit, guaranteed

Every home is different, but ready-made staircases are not. This makes it much harder to find a ready-made staircase that fits into your home just right, without the need for costly alterations.

Bespoke staircases, on the other hand, are custom-crafted to fit your home and only your home. Even if your house has an unconventional layout or awkward angles, your staircase can be tailored to slot within it seamlessly. This gives it a much neater, more professional finish, and adds additional value to your home.

2. Designed by you

When you choose a bespoke staircase, you have total control over its design. From the treads and risers to the overall design, materials, and finishes, every element will be customised to match your tastes.

Do you prefer a stylish, contemporary look with glass balustrades? Or do you lean towards a more traditional feel with natural wood? Whatever your vision may be, opting for a bespoke staircase allows you to make it a reality.

3. Quality craftsmanship and materials

The quality of pre-made staircases may not always meet your expectations. Even if the construction is solid, the finish might not be up to par, resulting in a less-than-ideal end result. On top of this, getting practical or financial support when needed may be difficult.

In contrast, bespoke staircases are typically made with transparency. You'll know exactly where and how your staircase is constructed because most manufacturers are open about their processes and material sources. They're often based locally too, making it a lot easier to get in touch.

4. Compliant with building regulations

Ready-made staircases are typically produced in large quantities with generic sizes. While they may meet building regulations on paper, they may not fit perfectly into your home once installed. This could lead to the need for significant changes or even replacing the entire staircase.

On the other hand, bespoke staircases are only made after comprehensive measurements have been taken. All building regulations are taken into account before starting work, guaranteeing that the staircase is designed and built to be compliant. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your staircase is safe for use.

5. Support and guidance

Many kit staircases are marketed as easy to fit, but in reality, things are often quite the opposite. Unclear instructions can lead to slow progress and mistakes, which can be frustrating and can even create safety hazards if key pieces aren't fixed correctly. This problem is compounded when suppliers have limited technical support and can't provide effective guidance when issues arise.

In comparison, bespoke staircases are usually made by a small, local team, rather than a large company. This means that they can offer faster and more personalised support, including visiting your site if necessary. With bespoke staircases, you're much less likely to be left struggling alone.

Show-stopping timber staircases, made bespoke for your home

At Stairway Joinery, we craft one-of-a-kind timber staircases that bring your vision to life. With decades of experience in every aspect of staircase design, our local team will work closely with you to create bespoke pieces that perfectly complement the unique style of your home.

We'll guide you through the entire process, from the initial design phase to the final installation, so you're left completely satisfied with the end result. Why not take a look through our gallery to see the kind of outcomes we can achieve?

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship means that your bespoke staircase will not only look beautiful, but also be built to last for decades to come. Get a quote online or call us on 01202 622826 today!

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